Huntington Beach has many perks; Along the stretch of PCH you’ll find a beach stripped of booty-tanners and lawn chairs. Keep walking down towards Main Street and you’ll run into great grubs, trendy boutiques, and a lively pier.

_MG_7821 copy

HB is also home to one of my favorite fitness brands – VIRUS.  These folks don’t mess around. They’ve built a science into their products – compression, moisture-wicking, recovery – you name it. I mean, they’re called performance apparel for a reason!

_MG_7789 copy2_MG_7866 copyIMG_7880 copy_MG_7715 copy2_MG_7805 copyIMG_7975 copy

Paired with this mesh top from Forever 21, the possibilities are endless.

But wait – I’m wearing men’s compressions, you say?! It’s the 21st century ya’ll. Either these superbugs don’t discriminate pursuit of passion between genders, or I just like menswear. *shrugs*

(photography by Chris Canlas)

_MG_7774 copy2

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